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How to spin the propeller; the steps

Note: This section requires certain level of expertise in using Photoshop.


The process of "spinning the propeller" sometimes is easy, but some other time may be difficult.
Now we start with the easy one.

Identify which propeller blade does not intersect with the body. This is the 'easy to spin blade.

Make sure you're working on the plane's layer. Then create a selection around the propeller blade.
Copy the blade (using Edit --> Copy) and paste (Edit --> Paste) it at the same position.
You can use Edit --> Cut before pasting, so that no need to erase the original blade later on. But you have to reposition the pasted blade because Photoshop will paste it elsewhere.

Select the Filter menu ---> Blur
---> Motion Blur

Adjust the direction of motion by altering the angle. This direction must be correctly represent the moving direction of the propeller blade.
Now adjust the Distance. This will determine the length of the blurring.

Sometime it will give better result by blurring several times with small distance rather than one single long distance.

After blurring, remove the original blade. Select the correct layer, then select the blade, and cut.

Further refinement can be done by elongate the blade's tip using Smudge Tool.
(Make sure you set the Strength low enough, less than 15%). Don't forget to select the correct layer before smudging.

The same process can be done for propeller blades which intersect the body. But instead of removing the original blade using Cut, you have to use Healing Brush. Patiently "redraw" the body skin overlayed by the blade.




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