Photography for



Photographing small objects is one of the toughest tasks in photography. For long time in the past, this task
can only be mastered by professionals, using expensive camera and lenses. This type of photography requires a special lens, commonly called "macro-lens", which can be focused very close to the object.
But today, everything change, the massive advances in digital photography and computer software,
causing macro-photography become accessible by almost anybody. Even a small compact digital camera may already have a macro-capable lens.
Therefore any modeller will now be able to take a good picture, without the need to invest in expensive
photography gadgets. But, certain skill and knowledge will still be required to create a good picture, that 's the reason why I wrote this guide.

This guide was written for common people with basic knowledge on photography, it is not intended for professional photographers. Therefore all of the articles will focus on the utilisation of digital camera, mainly compact-camera,
and simple instead of state-of-the-art equipment. Specialised equipment, such as studio flash, view-camera,
bellows, etc., will not be covered in this guide. But again, a basic understanding of photography should be
attained prior of reading this guide, at least, one should understand what is 'aperture', 'shutter-speed', and 'ISO rating'. I will not touch on this basic subject.

Last but not least, this guide will not teach you on how to use your camera, nor that it will teach you how to
build a good scale-model, but it will give you the idea on the techniques in photographing miniature models
and other aspect surrounding the miniature model photography.

Now let's take better pictures of your models. Read on...