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Multi image super-imposed; the steps

Note: This section requires certain level of expertise in using Photoshop.

Combining two images, is not always easy. In fact, this is the most tedious process if you want high quality result. Some artist skill and patience may be required.

First, open both images. And use the Move Tool at Photoshop, click the plane's photo and drag it into the background photo.

After the plane's image was moved into the background (as a new layer in Photoshop), then rotate and resize it as what you want it to be. Use the Edit menu --> Transform ---> Rotate.


Select the Layer menu --->
Layer Style ---> Blending Options

It will pop up a dialog window. Set the Blend Mode to 'Darken'.

And you will see the white paper at the plane's photo suddenly disappear. This is only applicable if the background image is darker than the plane's background.
If you're combining dark images where the plane's background is black, then the setting should be 'Lighten'.

Some of the area near the plane was not disappear, especially the shadow area, since it is darker than the background.
We have to erase this area manually.
Select the area using the selection tools, and the cut it out by selecting Edit menu ---> Cut

The undercarriage which is also visible in the photo, will be cut too.


Now find all areas on the plane which has a lighter color than the background. Those areas will need more touch-up because the background "bleed" into it.
For example; the wing (see first picture on the right)

On the layer window, disable the background by clicking the eye-icon. Select the plane's layer.
Use selection tools to create a selection mask around the wing (top right picture).

Go to layer window again, select the background, and enable it. Then cut the selected area. Now the wing is visible without background bleed.

If more accurate result is desired, then trim the edge by using Smudge Tool. Set the brush small, and Strength lower than 15%. Trim the edges to smoothen and eliminate bright spot.

We can stop here. But sometimes a thin line of exhaust fume, will make the picture looks better.
The exhaust fume was actually painted into the image.
Create a new layer, then paint the fume using brush tool with Opacity set to very low.

Once everything is okey, don't forget to flatten the image if you want to save it in JPG.






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