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Single shot super-imposed background

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Detailed Steps

Note: This section requires a basic knowledge in using Photoshop.

In this method, the goal is to eliminate the acrylic sheet used to sustain the model. And also eliminating the under-carriage.

One thing to note: if the background is not as simple as the cloud in the sky, then you shall not use acrylic sheet, but use wire to hang the model.

The first step, is to create selection area. Select the area surronding the items to be removed. Photoshop provides several tools to do this.
I choose the Polygonal Lasso, altough it is completely manual, but able to provide precise selection as I wish.

Second step:
Use the Healing Brush tool, to erase the wheel and the sheet.
Select either 'Normal' or 'Replace' mode. At certain area, e.g.: the wheel near fuselage, you have to use 'Replace' mode. But to erase at the cloud area, it is better to use 'Normal' mode.

Note: After erasing by 'Replace' mode, always use 'Normal' mode to clean-up the periphery of the portion which just erased. This is to smoothen the "healed area", making more natural transition.

Use Alt and mouse left click prior of using healing brush, to select the master area which will be patched into the healed area.

Third step:
After erasing the acrylic sheet, everything looks okey. But we still left portion of under-carriage.
Now it has to be erased too.
This is done using Healing Brush tool. The master-area is just next to the wheel strut, so it will preserve the body lines. See the sequence at right.

Of course, this is impossible to do if the details at aircraft's body behind the wheel is too complex. So the best way to is to avoid the undercarriage in the photo altogether.

Note: make a selection area before erasing the wheel strut near the wing, and near the bottom.



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